Passenger transfers for travel agencies, tour operators, DMCs and MICE

Is your job linked to a travel agency, tour operator, DMC or MICE? Do you need the experienced passenger transfer service?

Here is the solution!

In this article we will talk to you about our company's services, oriented to the platforms that develop their activity in the world of travel, tourism and business; mainly to the transport of passengers for excursions, tours, events, airport transfers and tourist trips. We will detail our options and the advantages of contracting us. We hope you find what you are looking for.

Why hire our passenger transfer service

We specialise in providing passenger transfer services for travel agencies, tour operators, DMCs, MICE and OTAs.

Benefits for travel agents

Travel agencies work as mediators between tourists and the providers of the experiences, events and hotels.

There are three varieties:

  • Corporate travel agencies.


  • Retail travel agencies.


  • Wholesale travel agencies.

In all three cases, it is essential that a passenger transfer company does not fail to meet its travel commitments and that it guarantees punctuality. With us that is solved.

Advantages for tour operators and DMCs

In the case of tour operators and DMCs the operation is different. Both examples are companies that have, among their range of services, transport for travel. The former covers the international sector and the latter the local sector.

What is DMC? Meaning of DMC

DMC (Destination Management Company), is an agency specialised in the organisation of all types of events, congresses, fairs and corporate trips. They are known for their local knowledge of tourism, that is, companies that know first-hand the tourist destinations they work with.

DMC professionals carry out the management and organisation of corporate events, as well as business travel.

For this modality we offer contracts with some of our vehicles; this way, these cars will work only for your tour operator company or DMC

Advantages for MICE tourism

What is MICE tourism? Meaning of MICE

The term MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions) refers to business tourism as a group of tourist flows whose purpose of travel is linked to the carrying out of work, leisure, professional and/or associative activities through the holding of business meetings. MICE services are more focused on work as corporate or event travel agencies; and to this end, our variety of vehicles is wide.

In this case, MICE can find among our offer Premium and VIP vehicles; the most suitable for this type of more professional and demanding trips.

Benefits for OTAs

For Online Travel Agencies we also have distinct advantages. If we focus on online reservations, we have a suitable web structure that allows you to request the services you want. In addition, we are a professional team that responds to budgets in a short space of time.

Our vehicles for passenger transfers

Our company offers a wide variety of cars and vehicles for the transfer of passengers. Why?

Each travel agency or tour operator does not require the same needs, depending on the number of passengers and groups to be dealt with. In this way, we guarantee a more complete service.

Below we show you a list of our vehicles, with their fundamental characteristics:

Economical vehicles

  • Simple vehicles with which we guarantee the transfer to your destination.


  • For all pockets.


  • Discreet, dark-coloured cars with medium-sized boots for storing up to 4 cabin cases.


  • Excellent option for travellers or companies that do not want advertising emblems on the cars and travel in greater comfort.

Premium Transport

  • High-end vehicles with great comfort.


  • Perfect cars for long journeys. Transfers in Mercedes E-Class.

VIP transfers

  • For the most demanding, VIP transfers with greater comfort and elegance. Transfers in Mercedes S-Class or similar

  • Ideal for luxury events, celebrity transport, transfers for ambassadors, ministers, influencers, city councils...

Minivan 6,7 and 8 seats

  • Large vehicles. Ideal for excursions or transfers contracted by families.


  • Comfortable for long trips.


  • Large capacity for luggage storage.


  • Minibus vehicles for excursions or group events.


  • Great for visiting hard-to-reach tourist sites for small groups.


  • Ideal vehicle for large groups. Bus transfers up to 55 seats.


  • Comfort that guarantees a comfortable journey, despite the distances.


  • In some cases they have toilets.


  • Large storage space for the luggage of tourists or travellers in general.

Characteristics of our passenger transfer services

Zone Transfers always tries to offer a service of excellence. That is why we have taken care to guarantee the well-being and safety of our customers. 

Air-conditioned vehicles:

The air-conditioning service is highly demanded by the customers. Comfort and convenience when travelling by road with vehicles that have this option is highly recommended.

Therefore, our vehicles have the option of air conditioning and heating. You can regulate it according to the weather conditions of your trip.

Vehicles with professional drivers:

As we said before, our vehicle rental service includes the driver. For this reason, we only hire well-trained personnel to provide you with greater safety.

They are people with years of experience in driving vehicles and with an up-to-date medical check-up. They have very safe skills, techniques, habits and practices to avoid accidents.

GPS service:

Knowing that you have GPS installed in your car is a peace of mind. This way you don't run the risk of your driver getting lost on your tourist trips. The GPS in our vehicles are of high technology and with good reception.

Systematic maintenance:

Systematic maintenance is essential for the vehicles. We take care of the replacement of the necessary parts. We also make all the arrangements. To do this we are always looking for the best professionals in the sector.

Safety on the road:

Our company is interested in making you feel safe, so take the time to worry about the details. Our vehicles are equipped with all the necessary implements in case of accidents. By this we mean safety belts, airbags, lights, headrests, among others.

Other extra passenger transport services

There are other services you can request, if you need them. These are more specific and there is a very wide variety. If you are looking for something that is not on this list, you can ask us and we will probably be able to offer it to you.

Airport Transfer Service

After the excursions and tours, we also guarantee your return to the airport. We offer punctuality and vehicles ready to load all types of luggage.

Professional guide service for events

You may wish to make your trip accompanied by an event guide. They will take you to places you always wanted to see and others you had no idea about. In addition, they offer you greater possibilities for cultural and traditional exchange.

DMC & MICE Almería
DMC & MICE Alicante
DMC & MICE Amsterdam
DMC & MICE Asturias
DMC & MICE Atenas
DMC & MICE Barcelona
DMC & MICE Bilbao
DMC & MICE Berlín
DMC & MICE Brussels
DMC & MICE Cádiz
DMC & MICE Faro (Algarve)
DMC & MICE Girona
DMC & MICE Gran Canaria
DMC & MICE Granada
DMC & MICE Ibiza
DMC & MICE La Coruña
DMC & MICE Lanzarote
DMC & MICE Lisbon
DMC & MICE London
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DMC & MICE Majorca
DMC & MICE Menorca
DMC & MICE Milán
DMC & MICE Murcia
DMC & MICE Porto
DMC & MICE París
DMC & MICE San Sebastián
DMC & MICE Santander
DMC & MICE Santiago de Compostela
DMC & MICE Seville
DMC & MICE Tarragona
DMC & MICE Tenerife
DMC & MICE Valencia
DMC & MICE Zaragoza



Excellent service. I wouldn't use anyone else
(26/10/2020) Stuart GL
Good safety measures due to the pandemic.Let's hope that in our return for summer everything will be over
(25/10/2020) Marvin Q.
The collection in our hostel in Benidorm was satisfactory. We have spent a few days with the promotion they did throughout the city at a very cheap price
(24/10/2020) Killian Bern
We hired a standard car and were picked up in a Mercedes Minivan. We were happy to be surprised
(23/10/2020) Sonya
Successful transport from Valencia airport to gandia
(20/10/2020) Michael Zorph
A quickly responsive platform for travel
(20/10/2020) Teresa Wagner
Cheap price for a transfer from alicante airport to my hotel in Benidorm
(18/10/2020) Isabelle
I have always been treated with respect and all my issues and questions has been resolved and answered on time with fare solutions.
(12/10/2020) Salvatore Sute
Great trip in Malaga and Marbella
(11/10/2020) Jasper Verian
Great trip in Malaga and Marbella
(11/10/2020) Jasper Verian