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At you can book in advance a taxi or a transfer from La Coruña City city to any destination.

If you want to know how much a taxi from La Coruña City to a specific city costs, you only have to fill in the search engine above:

: La Coruña de la Frontera

Destination: Enter the destination city and select from the list. If it does not appear in the list, enter only the name of the city.

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If you do not find the price of the transfer you need, you will be taken to a contact form to fill in all the details. In this way we will be able to send you an estimate in less than 12 hours.

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Our driver first contacted me by phone while I was in the immigration line to tell me where to look for him when I entered the arrival hall in Charles de Gaulle airport. He then helped take the luggage to the car. In the drive to our destination he was very professional and courteous. Overall, a great experience.
(09/11/2023) Bruce Trump
Would recommend this company to anyone. We used them for transfers for 9 people to and from Porto Airport. Our driver Mario was lovely. He made contact the day before we travelled to Porto and a few hours before our departure. It took any stress or worries about transfers away.
(09/11/2023) Jurney Ergün
Great, reliable company. Very easy to book and amend online, good communications (email and WhatsApp). The driver was friendly, carried a large sign with our name on it and arrived early. Clean, comfortable minibus, nice ride to the airport. First class.
(09/11/2023) Malcolm Brightman
After 5 days on the Caminho, it was raining like crazy, and my hiking partner and I didn't relish the idea of taking our luggage and hiking gear to the train station then having to change trains in Coruña at night. We opted to spend a little extra money on a private car, and I'm so glad we did. The driver could not have been more courteous and professional, and he even gave us some background on the city highlights as we came into Triacastela...still in the middle of a miserable thunderstorm.
(07/11/2023) Anne Marie
On time. Early confirmation 1 day before pick-up and new confirmation 30 minutes before pici-up is very trustworthy. Davide excellent driver. Clean car.
Best transfer company I have ever used. Continue that way. You are outstanding!
(06/11/2023) Sara Tekreeti
Transfer from Marco Polo airport to Ravenna. When I arrive he was there waiting for me at the exit. I didn’t need to hesitate or anything he was there with my name. He took my luggage and helped me with my stuff. He was very friendly and helpful and brought me in-front of the hotel. Nice service and highly recommend. And most important felt safe.

(02/11/2023) Carolina Chewie
Fantastic service and fantastic people, always available to take calls in case of emergency. Before the transfer they called me to ask if the address was correct and then, I realized it was not the place I was going to visit. Excellent driver Alfredo.
(13/10/2023) Kimberly Edwards
Our driver, provided transportation for us from Milan to Florence and back. He was very Friendly and supportive, skillfully navigating through adverse weather conditions and heavy traffic to ensure our safe and punctual arrival at our destination. We will contact again without hesitation, and we highly recommend them.
(22/09/2023) Emily Johnson
I made a reservation with Zonetransfers for a transfer from Sevilla Airport to Velez Malaga because my property in Spain lacks a postal address, and most other company websites required one for booking. Zonetransfers contacted me to request the GPS coordinates, and everything went smoothly from there. Despite our late arrival, a driver was waiting for us, holding a sign with our name. The car was comfortable and spacious and the driver excellent.
(30/08/2023) Anna Sofia Lacroix
They were waiting for us at Barcelona airport on arrival. They also coordinated our return transfer.
Punctual on time and very friendly staff.
Highly recommended.
(23/08/2023) N. O'Connor
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