Transfers of patients between communities | Medical transfers | Healthcare transfers transfers patients and doctors to homes or hospitals where they must provide health care

Sometimes we need to have a fast and efficient means of transport to move a patient from one point to another. Some of the patients require healthcare and need a medical transfer from a home to a clinic or hospital.

At we offer the patient transport service with our range of vehicles with driver. More than 10 years of experience in the medical transport sector , where we carry out transfer of patients between communities and where we are backed by being a benchmark in the sector. We change the way we do things, giving a new image to the service of the taxi and patient transfer sector  .

We offer our medical transfer services  in all the communities of Spain and in some capitals of Europe, our objective being to give the greatest possible coverage, as well as to provide the highest quality of service at the lowest cost, without skimping on services or security. We provide high quality long distance medical transportation services .


With all this, it is sometimes necessary to pick up patients in hospitals with an experienced driver, or to transfer doctors to the homes where they must provide health care , a service that we provide for health professionals. 

We offer a personalized, comfortable, discreet service and always of the highest quality. Our vehicles have everything you need to make your trip more comfortable, with internet if the passengers so wish, child seats, payment facilities, etc.

We are at your disposal, and we are happy to adapt to your needs to help in the transfer of health personnel to their workplaces in the face of the situation generated by the new coronavirus or for any other reason.

For example, during the pandemic, due to the saturation of the health system, they asked us for help to be able to transfer doctors to home visits and / or transfers of doctors, nurses or any other health personnel between health centers. Patients are cared for thanks to the medical transfers we carry out.

Zonetransfers serves organizations and organizations throughout Spain, including schools, hospitals, medical clinics, adult day centers, nursing homes, dialysis centers, doctor's offices and much more. We also transport patients and families to their appointments, or simply when they need a medical transfer.


Special events sometimes require special transportation. If you have a family member who needs a wheelchair accessible vehicle to go to a meeting, wedding, or public event, just give us a call.  

From large hospitals to private clinics, we have experience in accomplishing relocation efficiently. We take pride in ensuring that patients get home safely and on time. Our service is operational 24 hours a day to help you schedule your transports. Of course, always with advance reservation, where we recommend making your reservation with a minimum of 24 hours in advance. For last minute emergencies you just have to send us an email to info@zonetransfers.comand if we have a vehicle available at that time we will let you know.

Long distance transportation of loved ones can be a very difficult task for family members to carry out. Our goal is to help remove that burden by making all the arrangements to transport your loved one. We draw up the travel plan based on all requirements and assign the best available driver based on the patient and the transport conditions. We communicate and coordinate with family members throughout the process if they require it.

If you want to know the cost of a medical transport we will be happy to help you and provide you with a quote as quickly as possible. You can request your budget in the contact section, or by sending us a whatsapp at +34 654381547.

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Easy to book with excellent communications. Our driver Ivan was friendly, well dressed and very professional. The vehicle was clean and comfortable. Thank you for the great job you did for us."
(09/10/2021) Jennifer U.
I used Zonetransfers during my trip in Bilbao for transfer from and to the airport. My flight was 1 hrs delayed but the driver waited for me and they didn't charge anything for waiting. Good prices, clean car, very kind driver..what else could I ask for?
Would definitely use again when visiting Bilbao. Fully recommend.
(07/10/2021) Joy Bailey
Both from the airport and to the airport we used the van service. I ordered for the car late just before our departure and when we landed the message and the confirmation were waiting for me in my inbox. We needed to wait at the airport a very short time only for the pick up.
(07/10/2021) Kevin Max
The company is excellent and the driver was wonderful. I recommend them to everyone that goes to Benidorm. Thank you for the experience!
(21/09/2021) Michael B.
Great service to get to Marbella from Seville airport. Took us to the front door and collected in the same place. Ran on time, nice drivers.
(18/09/2021) Matt Henderson
The driver was punctual. He helped me with my bags and brought me straight to my location. The van was quite clean.
(15/09/2021) Gregor McKenzie
Friendly, punctual and excellent service

(14/09/2021) Abdullah Al Fourquan
I took a taxi at 6:30am to the Athens airport. Very reliable service with professional staff.
(14/09/2021) James Meagan
Driver was at the meeting point in plenty of time even though my flight to Madrid landed early. Vehicle was spacious and clean.
(14/09/2021) Sarah Miller
Excellent service! Communication was easy and fast, directions to pick up location were easy to follow and timing was perfect! Transport was smooth and fast and driver was nice and helpful. Amazing service :)

(13/09/2021) Cally Berryman
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