Rent a bus with driver in Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Bilbao, San Sebastian, Seville, Valencia...

Hiring of coaches and minibuses with drivers in Spain and Europe

The number of companies that rent out coaches is very large, and studying all the offers until you decide which one is the best alternative requires a lot of time and dedication.

To make that job easier for you, we will do it for you.

When will the bus rental be necessary?   

Renting a car with a driver for personal transfer is always a comfortable option. Obviously, if you are looking to travel alone, making that decision will not require much analysis.

But when the number of people is very significant, you have to think about several offers: This is where coaches come into play.

How many people are needed to make a coach rental profitable?

This question may be going around in your head. If so, we'll let you know which option is the best for you:

  • If the group of people who have agreed to travel is small, it is best to hire a minibus with 16 or 19 seats. This option will be cheaper than renting a large bus, as the fuel consumption of a 54-seater bus is quite high and will be reflected in the final price.
  • If there are between 20 and 50 people, renting a bus with a driver or renting a large-capacity minibus, depending on the exact number of passengers, is much more cost-effective.

Now, it is important to take into account that while we offer you 24 hour service and a very large space in our vehicles, regular transport has fixed schedules and restricted places.  

Advantages of renting a coach with a driver

Coaches tend to be different all over the world, but their benefits will always be similar; and more than that, hiring a bus is a great option if you want to travel in a group safely and quickly. Here are some of its main advantages:

You don't have to know the address of the place you are going to:

  • Maybe you've been invited to an event and can't find the exact address. If that's what's keeping you from having a good time, then renting a minibus with a driver can make the whole process easier. Just contact the corresponding company and they will be responsible for providing you with a driver who is qualified to take you.
Wide range of transfer options:

  • Thanks to this, you will be able to rent buses for tours, trips between cities, excursions and other events.
Good space:

  • In case you are planning a group holiday, there is not the slightest inconvenience.
Have you ever wondered how many seats there are in a minibus?
With approximately 16 seats, this or any other bus will always have enough space for you to travel with your whole family.
Private transport:

  • Our company, like most, has a private coach rental service. Here we can offer you from a Taxi van to the most elegant Limousine.
  • Suitable for more than 9 passengers, with comfortable leather seats in our VIP range of buses and extra services, such as small mini-bars, game tables, television; you can take advantage of a transport offer to high standing events, fairs or even congresses.

    Bus and minibus rental with driver in airports and cities

Frequently asked questions about bus rental

Do you have doubts about how to rent a coach or how far in advance you should go?

In order to provide solutions to these and many other concerns, we have created this section.

How to rent a coach with driver?

This is a very simple process, just contact by phone or if you prefer, you can also do it via email at Our specialised agents will inform you of the prices and features we offer. Another alternative is to complete your request for a quote using this contact form.

Once you have requested your quote, our team will give you an answer in less than 12 hours with all the prices and characteristics of the requested service.

How far in advance do I need to book a bus?

This aspect is somewhat variable. Companies such as our private passenger transport company have become a trend for bus rental, bus hire or any other large-capacity vehicle, as they often have several vehicles available for urgent cases.

However, it is most advisable to book your bus or minibus as early as possible, in order to guarantee 100% availability and thus open up a wider spectrum of services.

Besides, if the season reflects high demands or you wait until the last moment to make a reservation, it can be much more expensive. For your benefit and that of the company, the best option is to establish the rental at least 72 hours in advance.

Is it possible to hire a bus without a driver?

All coach companies are subject to the so-called Transport Regulation Act. This law strictly prohibits the rental of any vehicle that is prepared for team travel and therefore has more than 9 seats.

This is due to the fact that every bus company or bus rental company is obliged to provide a driver along with the transport.

Do the buses have safety belts in each seat?

Whether you rent a bus with a driver or hire a simple minibus, it is mandatory that each vehicle has its own seatbelt on all seats.

Your purpose may be only to rent buses for excursions, travelling with family or friends. But even if the trip is short, if you are intercepted without a seat belt you will have to pay a fine of up to 300 euros.

Are the coaches adapted to special passengers?

Generally speaking, it cannot be said that 100% of the fleet has the necessary means for such people.

However, in our company, it is a simple task to rent minibuses or other vehicles with access ramps for people with reduced mobility.

On the other hand, if you are talking about children, you should know that, although this is not a mandatory requirement, our company provides child seats.

Can pets travel in the coach with a driver?

There is currently a law prohibiting the transport of animals together with passengers inside the vehicle, with the exception of guide dogs.

If you have a pet and you want to take it with you; the only way is that the same journey is made in its carrier, in the luggage stock. Always under your responsibility.

Some cities in Spain and Europe where we provide bus rental service with driver

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