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Golf is a game of great precision and dedication. If you love this sport, you will surely want to go to one of the magnificent courses we have for it in Spain.

However, in order to get to these places quickly and safely, a transfer service to any golf course is essential. For this, we put our vehicles at your disposal:

  • 7 and 8 seat minivans.

  • Minibuses up to 24 seats

  • Buses up to 54 seats

This way you can ensure the protection and care of the sticks and balls of this sport, which you need to transport.

Are you ready to know which are the best options of courses to play golf in Spain?

Then stay with us and learn about the best golf course transfers.

The 15 best golf courses in Spain


The love of golf has grown over the years and, with the high demand, the construction of new courses to play is also increasing.

Due to this and thanks to the growth of tourism, Spain, with more than 700 golf courses, has positioned itself as one of the most popular countries in this area.

Real Club Valderrama Golf Course


The Real Club Valderrama is at the top of our list as it is considered by many to be the best golf course in Spain and one of the most renowned worldwide.

This site is located in the Sotogrande region of Cadiz.

It was designed by Robert Trent Jones, but although it was built in 1974, it was not until 1985 that what we know today as Valderrama was created.

It has a long course, with a length of more than 6,000 m and contains 18 holes of par 72. These begin in the sun and shade, a hole that is located between the trees.

  • The most famous holes on this site are the 2, 4, 15, 17 and 18, which are included in the 1001 holes you must play before you die.

  • If you want to complete their journey, you will have to assume a high cost of up to more than 300 euros.

Its streets are very wide and incorporate more than 100 bunkers. Because of these attributes, it is considered an exclusive golf course for powerful people, since it has limited access and luxury maintenance.

Besides this, at Valderrama you will get unique attention, whether you are a player or a visitor. Its pace, traps and fabulous climate, make this club unmatched in all of continental Europe.

Book your transfer to the Real Club Valderrama golf course at the best price.

Las Brisas Royal Golf Club


One of the main attractions of this place is the beauty of its landscape. The same that places it as one of the most exquisite golf courses in Spain. So much so that it is considered a botanical garden adorned with plants, flowers and trees from all over the world.

The Real Club de Golf Las Brisas is a private course, based in Marbella. It was designed by Robert Trent Jones, in the same way as Valderrama. Then, in 2015, Kyle Phillips was commissioned to rebuild it and leave it as we find it today.

  • A precise course, full of elevated greens, bunkers and several water hazards, among which 10 artificial lakes stand out.

This club is open all year round and has 18 holes of par 72:

  • A practice field.

  • Swimming pool Bar.

  • Golf Store.

  • Club House.

  • Private and group classes.

  • Sauna y SPA.

  • Restaurant.

  • Golf tick.

It also has a large car park, where cars can wait to transport golfers and guests.

Great personalities have walked around the facilities of Las Brisas, being the difficulty of the course, what most attracts intrepid souls. For the same reason, it has been chosen to hold the occasional golf tournament, both national and international.

Book your transfer to Las Brisas Golf Course at the best price.

Parador El Saler Golf Course


It is also known for being one of the three best golf courses in Europe, and even ranks among the 60 most famous courses in the world.

This course was installed in Valencia and was designed by Javier Arana. He gave it a very particular Scottish touch and respected at all times the place of origin that gave life to "Parador El Saler".

It is precisely this that brings great richness and variety to its landscape. From the dunes on the beach to the wooded areas with dense trees and natural plants.

Its characteristics are:

  • A total of 6,042 m of surface area.
  • Incorporates 18 holes par 72.

  • Spacious streets.

  • About 100 bunkers.
  • Enormous green fees.

Due to the magnificence of its facilities, the cost of this complex is approximately 90 euros. It is also known as a field with a high degree of difficulty, caused mainly by the force of the winds.

Parador el Saler is open all year round and is commercial. It also has luxury accommodation as part of its services.

From the hotel to the golf course there are a few metres which, if you wish, you can save by hiring one of our transfers for golfers. Enjoy yourself in a big way, in this wonderful club!

Book your transfer to the Parador El Saler golf course, at a very affordable price.

Golf Club Los Naranjos


This famous golf course is located in Marbella and is considered to be the ideal place to have a good game as well as a romantic date. This is due to the freshness of its surroundings and the variety of its facilities.

It was inaugurated in 1977 and its design, once again, was conceived by Robert Trent Jones.

Some of its most outstanding services are

  • House Club.

  • Practice area, putting, chipping and pitching.

It also has a pro-shop, a restaurant and three centres, one for beauty, one for health and one for business.

The Costa del Sol golf course, with 6,532 m and 18 holes par 72, is private and available all year round.

If you choose this place to spend a good day with family or friends, you must know that you can count on us. Since we make the transfers to and from your hotel, home or any point. All without charging any extra for the transport of luggage or the transport of the golf clubs.

Book your transfer to Los Naranjos Golf Course at the best price.

Golf Club Playa Serena


This golf course is particularly flat, being in fact one of the flattest in Almeria and in the whole of Spain. However, it is not without its complications. On the contrary, the presence of 9 lakes makes it difficult enough for you to play.

Nevertheless, and in spite of the length of the holes and the difficult shape of the greens, it is considered quite comfortable.

It also has many trees and bushes of different origins. Both the ambient temperature, the air and the care of the grass, are of the best that the Playa Serena Golf Club has to offer.

This is a centre for the enjoyment of all, on any day of the year. It has 18 holes par 72 and many facilities that become the perfect complement. Some of them are:

  • Golf School
  • A restaurant.

  • Showers.

  • Dessing rooms.

  • Shops.

  • House Club.

  • Rental of manual or electric trolleys.

In case you don't know how to get to this site or you want to save yourself the trouble of driving, you can count on our golf course transport services.

With the help we offer you, you will be able to have fun both you and your golf team, all for a very affordable price.

Book your transfer to La Serena Golf Course, for a greater comfort.

Villa Madrid Country Club


At first, this golf course was designed by Don Javier Arana. Some time later, Severiano Ballesteros, took charge of several reforms and managed to extend it a little more.

  • Villa Madrid was inaugurated in 1984, with the purpose of being a public golf course and for the enjoyment of the population. It is open all year round.

It enjoys great prestige in Spain's national show business. In addition, it presents two different routes:

  1. The yellow route; with its two corresponding zones.

  2. The black route; which belongs to Javier Arana's initiative and which has an approximate length of 6,500 m.
    It has also been selected for tests on the European PGA circuit, 9 Opens de Madrid and 9 Opens de España.

The Villa Madrid Country Club has 68 teachers, around 2,000 students and a total of 22,000 members. It has 18 holes and among its services, it offers golf club and car rental, lockers, gym, sauna, nursery and other sports activities such as tennis, polo and hockey.

Book your transfer to Villa de Madrid Golf Course, for greater comfort.

Real Club de Golf Sotogrande


This is another of the golf courses you can find in Cadiz, also designed by the American Robert Trent Jones. It was inaugurated in 1964 and immediately reached a position among the most difficult courses in Spain.

The wind from the Levant gives the territory a very pleasant atmosphere, something appreciated by golfers.

Sotogrande is a large and private golf club, consisting of 18 holes par 72 and a 9 hole par 3 course mostly.

It has an unbeatable quality, with the presence of lakes, wide squares and high greens. It also has an ideal hotel infrastructure to spend a dream holiday.

If you are looking for comfort, you can opt for our service of transporting players to the golf course. We are a serious company that can provide you with large vehicles for golf clubs, as well as offering you a safe transfer of golf equipment.

The Real Club de Golf de Sotogrande is an excellent option in case you are looking to challenge yourself with the sport, enjoying a large restaurant, shop, swimming pool, excursions, bar and even the clubhouse.

Book your transfer to the Sotogrande Golf Course at an affordable price.

Golf Course Son Servera


Designed by Mr. John Harris and Francisco López Segales, a couple of friends of English origin. Despite living in Spain, they sought to create a golf course in the style of their country. 

Son Servera is located in Mallorca, at the foot of the mountain and if you take a panoramic view, you can see the bay. Furthermore, it enjoys a wonderful and lively landscape, which is decorated with pine forests.

On the other hand, it is well known the difficulty of its holes, which require a lot of concentration and a very precise shot, if you want to be victorious. However, some are designed for people with less technique or who are just starting out in the world of golf.

It has a total of 18 holes par 72 and the price to complete each one of them is close to 172 euros..

  • One of the best things about Son Servera, apart from the fabulous view, is its gastronomic service overlooking the sea and the 18th hole.

Some of the facilities offered are: a clubhouse, a bar, changing rooms and a birdie card.

In addition, you will have at your disposal the free rental of clubs, electric carts and golf carts. In spite of all its benefits, keep in mind that this golf course does not allow you to bring your pets.

Book your transfer to Son Servera Golf Club at a very reasonable price.

La Manga, Golf Club


It has a large golf complex that incorporates 3 courses: North, South and West; with 18 holes each, also accompanied by the prestigious Pitch & Putt.

The whole complex was the idea of Arnold Palmer, Dave Thomas, Robert Putman and Severiano Ballesteros.

This place is 30 km from Cartagena, 50 km from Murcia and 100 km from Alicante. It was built under the idea of founding the sport.

It is for this reason that it provides high level services, such as the best Practice Centre in the whole continent and a renowned Academy directed by Thomas Johansson. We, for our part, can provide you with transfer services to golf clubs in the La Manga complex.

  • Our services also include moving the golf clubs.

Campo Norte is made up of lakes, palm trees and ravines that serve to increase its difficulty. However, with respect to the South Course, which is 6,500 m, it can be said to be shorter, with small length greens and narrow fairways. In short, this is one of the most complicated courses, suggested for more experienced golfers.

Its recreational and sports facilities are of the best. Here you can find a swimming pool, tennis, bowling, restaurant, bar, casino and health and beauty centres.

Book your transfer to La Manga Club, from Murcia airport or Alicante airport, or from any point.

Golf Dunas de Doñana


This commercial golf course is one of the best located in the world. In addition, they greatly favour its facilities and its magnificent service. In which it includes:

  • Hotel.

  • Apartments.

  • Restaurant.

  • House Club.

  • Private and group golf lessons.

  • Golf car rental.

Dunas de Doñana is located in Huelva, next to the National Park of the same name and relatively close to the Atlantic Ocean. It is known to have 18 holes par 72 and you will find it open any time of the year.

Considered by all as a paradise for the beauty of its landscape, it also has a good driving range and short game lands. It is qualified as Sports - Difficult, thanks to the presence of obstacles with water.

Although the course is available every day of the week, it is important that you make a reservation in advance. Also, although from Monday to Friday, prices range from 30 to 40 euros (depending on the number of holes completed), on weekends, the visit can cost you 50 euros.

Costa Ballena Golf


This golf course is run by José María Olazabal. Its design, although demanding to a certain extent, has taken into account the less experienced. It has 27 holes and it is the best practice area in the whole continent.

If we go to the root of its popularity, this is due to the balance it has achieved between effective training, good sport and great leisure facilities.

  • It has a standard course, complemented by bunkers, lakes and pleasant greens. So that professional players can also enjoy themselves, demanding the maximum.
Costa Ballena Golf has been open to the sport for more than 20 years. For this reason, it has hosted several competitions, among which are: "El Cuadrangular Internacional Costa Ballena" and "La Copa de S.M El Rey y La Reina".

On the other hand, if you are interested in visiting this place and require a comfortable means of transfer, you can count on us for any transfer service to golf clubs, whether it is this course or any other.

Book your transfer to Costa Ballena golf course at the best price.

Montecastillo Resort to play Golf


If you want to enjoy a wonderful Andalusian air, Montecastillo is one of the best options for you.

  • It is located in Jerez and has well prepared facilities such as sauna, gymnasium, indoor and heated swimming pool, jacuzzi, shop, restaurants and centres, both health and business.

Here you can enjoy an ideal temperature that does not exceed 29 degrees in normal conditions. It also has a design suitable for players of all kinds, both professionals and beginners.

It is characterized by being technical, accurate and very fun, thanks to its lakes and bunkers surrounded by greens.

It has a total of 18 holes, for which you will have to pay 90 euros, in case you want to finish the course. Due to the many undulations of its surface, it is qualified with the category of difficult.

Book your transfer to the Montescastillo Resort Golf Course at the best price.

Parador de Málaga Golf


A very suitable place to spend luxury holidays. Both the landscape and the temperature are very pleasant in this area near the capital of Malaga. Although pets are not allowed, as is the case with most golf courses, it is open every day of the week.

Parador de Málaga Golf, was founded in 1925 and has 27 holes. But its terrain, although it has a few water hazards, is not complicated enough to enter the difficult category. It offers various facilities, among which are

  • House Club.

  • Dressing rooms.

  • Restaurant.

  • Children's playground

In addition, you can rent all kinds of objects necessary for the game, such as clubs, golf carts and electric karts.

Book yourtransfer to the Parador de Málaga Golf Course.

Lo Romero Golf


The best quality of this golf course, located in Alicante, is its delicious course, composed of almost 6 km in the company of the trees and the sound of animals such as birds and squirrels. It is so isolated from everything and everyone, that it will give you the opportunity to face the sport alone.

Like many others, it has 18 holes par 72 for a price close to 50 euros; money that you can pay in various ways, say in cash or by using cards.

A practice course, chipping zone, putting green, golf carts, electric trolley for rent, bar, restaurant, changing room and wifi zone, are just some of the comforts that "Lo Romero" offers its players.

Don't forget to visit hole number 18. It is made for those who love challenges, as it is surrounded by a small lake.

Reserve your transfer to Lo Romero Golf Course at a very affordable price, from the airport or any city.


La Galiana Golf Course


With the creation of this course, the aim was to obtain a site for the efficient play of golf that was also fun. This objective was achieved by taking into account the special design of each hole, which pose a constant challenge as you progress on the course.

One of the greatest benefits of this course in the Valencian Community is that you do not have to be a member to enjoy golf in this region.

With the presence of 18 holes par 72, you can ensure a game worthy of professionals. This is also due to the deep elevations of the course, the wide fairways and the delicious views.

In spite of the water hazards and large bunkers, La Galiana is still an all-round recreational centre, which you can access even if you do not know the exact address. With our transfer services to La Galiana golf course, you will be able to reach it without having to do any work.

Among the vehicles, we offer you from a 4-seater taxi to play golf, to 6, 7 and 8-seater vehicles, or even minibuses and buses up to 54 seats.

Don't miss the opportunity to live a fabulous experience, with all your friends!



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